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The platform fuels the empowerment and growth of our communities.

Sponsorship, collaboration, and partnership are all keys to success in any venture. Communities become stronger when we all work together. That’s why we are always grateful to our sponsors who share our vision to strengthen communities by bringing people together through opportunities that promote unity, love, entertainment, sharing moments, and good times.

Sponsors and partners receive recognition and exposure to widen their reach and network throughout the communities they serve. They are able to connect with a wide range of community members, all while making a lasting impression on their lives in such a rewarding and impactful way.

You can support Generational Venture Group LLC’s initiatives by sponsoring our events.

Why Consider Sponsorship

Through our sponsors’ support, we can create events and opportunities that positively impact the lives of people in our communities in meaningful ways. Whether it’s through education, arts, community service, or others, generous sponsors can contribute to creating opportunities that empower the next generation.

Unity Music Festival Sponsors

WAGES A Community Action Agency
Bekins Logo

Our Community Partners

Wayne County logo
Goldsboro Brew Works logo
Tobacco and Hops logo
Myriad Homecare Agency logo
Protect Your Skull Logo
Goldsboro Rotary Club logo
Foxy 104.3 logo
95.3 The Beat iHeart logo
Dillard Goldsboro Alumni & Friends logo
Boys and Girls Club of Wayne County logo
92.7 Jamz Goldsboro

Let’s Get Connected!

To inquire about being a sponsor, please send your requests to: info@generationalventuregroup.com. You may also contact us if you would like to provide an amount that is not mentioned above or to learn about the benefits and opportunities for each level.