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The initiator of growth and wealth

Who We Are

Generational Venture Group LLC aims to build generational wealth within families and communities through multiple creative streams of opportunity. These include financial literacy, investments in stocks, real estate, and the arts, and community-focused events within various entertainment and creative spaces. We aim to initiate and support community programs that will support the education and creative power of our youth so that they can be better prepared in the future as members and leaders of communities.

Our Mission Statement

  • To seek out, explore, and create opportunities to build generational wealth through the knowledge-based principles of investing, great work ethic, great integrity, and great character.
  • To make a profound financial and educational impact on our local and global communities.
  • To enrich and impact the lives of others through new experiences and new perspectives all while expanding world views.

Our Vision Statement

  • Financial Literacy
    Our messaging will always reflect financial literacy and empowerment within every community that we are able to make an impact.

Let’s Get Connected!

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